Reasons to Work as a Nurse in St. Louis

Reasons to Work as a Nurse in St. Louis

Top 7 Reasons to Live and Work as a Nurse in St. Louis

St. Louis is a vibrant and family-friendly city with a lot of history and a bright future on the horizon.

The city offers its residents all the amenities and entertainment options of a big city without the price tag. Additionally, St. Louis has a booming work environment with plenty of work options for nurses who live or wish to relocate to the mid-west.

If you are a nurse who is looking for the best place to live and work, here are some of the reasons we believe this little hidden gem might be the perfect place for you.

#7. The People Are Kind and Charitable

The city of St. Louis consistently ranks in the top most altruist cities in the country. The generosity of its residents shines whenever there is a crisis or natural disaster. Nurses are some of the most giving people in the professional workforce, and having to change to live in a like-minded community is a strong selling point.

people are friendly work as a nurse in st. louis

#6. Access to the Arts is Considered a Public Right, Not a Privilege

Unlike many cities that have cut funding to the arts, St. Louis has gone to great lengths to ensure access to the cultural activities available to all its residents. City officials allocate a portion of the taxpayer’s money to subsidize many of the city’s cultural institutions which helps make them free for the public.

#5. Nature Holds a Special Place in the City

With nearly 1,293 acres of land, Forest Park dwarfs New York City’s Central Park. The park offers biking, walking, and running trails, as well as in-line skating, golf, tennis courts, and many other sports activities. The park houses five landmark institutions including the St. Louis Art Museum, The St.Louis Science Center, and the city’s zoo.

Another spectacular attraction is the Missouri Botanical Garden, a historic national landmark and one of the country’s oldest botanical gardens. Within its 79 acres, you can find a spectacular horticultural display from around the world. The gardens also feature a Japanese strolling garden, and the Climatron, the world’s first entirely air-conditioned greenhouse.

#4. Beautiful and Affordable Homes

St. Louis has a distinct architectural style with a timeless and classic style that can rival those of larger cities. However, unlike cities like Boston or New York, housing in St. Louis is still very affordable. You can rent or purchase a beautiful residential property for a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere.

#3. The City Museum Is a Space Full of Wonder

Feel like a kid again as you step through the doors of the City Museum. Designed by renowned artist Bob Cassilly, this museum is like no other. Housed in the former 10-story International Shoe Company building, the museum opened its doors in 1997.

#2. The Gateway Arch

St. Louis is the home of The Arch, an architectural wonder that rises 630 feet. The stainless steel monument is the world’s tallest human-made arch. The Arch is a gift to the American people and celebrates the country’s westward expansion.

#1. Work as a Nurse in St. Louis! Employment Opportunities With Altus Infusion

Altus Infusion continues to expand its services as a leader in biologic management services.

As such, we are always looking for the best talent to help us further our goals of making biologic treatment accessible and affordable for patients living with chronic illnesses.

If you are a nurse who currently lives or is looking to relocate to St. Louis, we want to hear from you.

Our nurses typically work Monday to Friday, 9-5. Additionally, all our careers in the biologic management therapy industry come with the following benefits:

  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • 401K Retirement Plan
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)

For more information on our career opportunities to work as a nurse in St. Louis or other cities across the US, please visit our Altus Infusion Careers page.

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