NICA Conference 2019 - Infusion Therapy Advocacy

NICA Conference 2019

NICA Conference 2019 – Infusion Therapy Advocacy

This past weekend we had the privilege of attending the inaugural National Infusion Center Association (NICA) meeting in Austin, Texas as both exhibitors and speakers.

We want to congratulate NICA for their incredible efforts in making this meeting a success. This inaugural meeting was a great experience, and we look forward to what is in store for next year.

About NICA

Since its inception in 2010, NICA has become the leading nonprofit patient advocacy organization focused on private practice, non-oncology, in-office infusion accessibility.

Their valuable contributions these last nine years has significantly improved patient access and the sustainability of the delivery channel across disease states and specialties.

NICA 2019 Conference Highlights Panel Discussion

The Importance of In-Office Infusion Centers

The lack of appropriate access to office-based infusion centers that can deliver infusion or injectable medications safely and economically has been a crippling problem for many patients, as well as prescribing providers, and drug manufacturers.

In-office infusion centers provide high-quality, cost-effective care for patients across the nation. Expanding the existing network will benefit not only patients, but also healthcare providers, and drug manufacturers, making in-office infusion centers a winning solution for all stakeholders.

The Role of Infusion Management Services Companies

There are aspects of biologic therapy management that are very challenging for many physicians.

Many private practices lack the resources needed to set up and manage a biologic infusion center. The daily management of an infusion center requires, among many other things:

  • Drug and Supply Acquisition
  • Inventory Management
  • Patient Benefits Verification
  • Insurance Claim Processing
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Treatment Administration
  • Patient Education
  • Infusion Suite Build Out and Equipment

These tasks can become unmanageable or cost inefficient for a private practice. For this reason, companies that can provide biologic management services become invaluable. Companies like Altus Infusion have the capability of offering top-rated services at an efficient cost.

Our services include both administrative and on-site qualified staff, ensuring physicians are adequately reimbursed for their services, handling patient scheduling, and providing necessary equipment for infusion therapy.

Our services make it easy and affordable for physicians to offer the therapies their patients require.

NICA 2019 Conference Highlights Group Photo

Advisory Committee

The recent NICA meeting opened the door for industry leaders to speak up about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. An open dialogue is the first step in finding long-term solutions for all stakeholders.

Altus Infusion is proud to be a part of NICA’s advisory committee, where we hope to continue to preserve the patients’ right to intravenous therapy access in the physician’s office.

Our goal is to help make owning and operating a successful in-office biologic center a viable possibility for all private specialty practices.

Best In-Office Biologic Management Therapy Solutions.

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Altus Infusion offers quality biologic management therapy solutions. We are committed to improving access, quality, and affordability of care for all patients. Interested in a full-service biologic therapy solution? Contact us for information on how we can help you upgrade your patient experience today:

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