National Wellness Month

National Wellness Month – The Path to Wellness for Chronically Ill Patients

The Path to Wellness for Chronically Ill Patients – National Wellness Month

As part of the caregiver community, we understand how unpredictable life can be for chronic illness patients. However, these patients can strive for a better quality of life with a combination of biologic treatments and the setting of goals aimed at improving their lives.

Why Wellness Goals are Important

The medical advances in the form of biologic treatments have become a game-changer for both physicians and their patients. 

We know biologic drugs have fewer adverse effects and have aided thousands of patients to obtain a better quality of life by reducing the severity of their symptoms and lower the incidence of disease flareups.

Unfortunately, given the obstacles that many chronic diseases pose for patients, many of them still experience daily challenges which leave them feeling isolated, misunderstood, and depressed.

A good way for patients to improve their overall wellness is by setting realistic, measurable goals that are separate from their treatment goals, by which they can track the progress in their lives.

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What Drives Positive Change in Chronically Ill Patients

A study from the Christensen Institute suggests that patients are not necessarily interested in their treatment metrics. For example, while a physician might be encouraged by the results of a patient’s screenings and tests after treatment, but the patient is more interested in how their daily lives have improved.

The study suggests that a good way to explain this issue is through the Theory of Jobs to Be Done. The theory suggests that an individual will decide to do or not do things only if it furthers their own goals. Therefore, a patient’s lifestyle choices and goals won’t always revolve around their desire to improve their treatment metrics.

As an example, a chronically ill patient who feels isolated could choose to deal with this predicament in a positive way such as, adopting a pet, joining a book club, or attending church. Any of these choices would improve their sense of wellbeing without hindering their treatment. 

However, the same patient may choose to take smoke breaks or go out drinking to bond with their co-workers and feel less alone, thus jeopardizing their treatment outcomes or metrics.

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Helping Patients Set Realistic and Positive Wellness Goals

Many studies have linked chronic illness with mental health. As we celebrate National Wellness Month, we want to discuss the importance of helping chronically ill patients set realistic and positive goals.

We believe the best way to approach wellness is by adopting a patient-centric focus to treatment to build stronger relationships with patients.

Altus Infusion opens the door for private specialty practices to operate quality, affordable in-office biologic suites, so patients will have a chance to form a stronger bond with their healthcare providers.

Stronger, more personalized doctor-patient relationships could be the key to improve not only treatment outcomes but also the lives of countless patients.

At Altus Infusion we understand that chronic disease management is a long-term game where an integral approach to biologic infusion treatment, as well as psychological considerations, can go a long way in improving the lives of chronically ill patients.

Our nurses can assist physicians to understand the life goals of their patients better and help craft individualized treatment courses that go beyond quality treatment delivery.

For more information on how our staff of qualified infusion nurses can help improve your patient’s lives, email us at

At Altus Infusion, we care about the wellbeing of all patients, which is why we are dedicated to helping raise awareness of the different ways we can improve our health and live longer happier lives.  Happy National Wellness Month!

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