International Women’s Day – Balance for Better

International Women’s Day

Together We Can Create a Balance for Better

On March 8th, we celebrate International Women’s Day. This is a great time to reflect on the outstanding achievements and contributions of women from all over the world throughout history.

It is also a time a time to look upon the current conditions women face every day in society and to bring forward creative solutions so that together we can start building a better balance not just in the workplace but in all aspects of our lives.

Over the history of humankind, sexism, gender stereotypes, and prejudice have caused harm to women. To this day, we still have challenges of women entering fields in science and technology.

This year’s theme #BalanceforBetter lets us see that balance is not just a women’s issue, but also a business issue. Gender balance is vital for communities as well as local and global economies to grow.  Thankfully in recent years, much has been done to reduce the gender gap and together we can implement creative solutions that will continue to correct the imbalance for future generations.

Members of the Admin Team, Clinical, and Materials Management Team do the #BalanceforBetter pose.
Members of the Business Development team and IT department celebrate Women's Day doing the #BalanceforBetter pose.
Corporate Office does the #BalanceforBetter pose.
Yuris does the #BalanceforBetter pose.
Corporate Office HR Department do the #BalanceforBetter pose.
Brandy Freeman, Medical Assistant & Amanda Whitlock, RN St. Louis Missouri does the #BalanceforBetter pose.
Lisa does the #BalanceforBetter pose.
Stephanie does the #BalanceforBetter pose.
Corporate Office Staff Balance for the Better

At Altus Infusion, we are proud of all of our dedicated and hard-working staff. On today, International Women’s Day, we celebrate our female employees, from our diligent administrative personnel to our passionate and caring nurses, who everyday work to rise to the challenge and exceed the expectations of the patients we care for and the physicians we assist.

On March 8th, Altus Infusion will join the global celebration of International Women’s Day. We will continue to work towards the creation of a better balance in our society, helping build more inclusive work environments, and opening the door to more and better work opportunities for women.

Thank you to all Altus Infusion employees for helping us make Altus Infusion the quality brand that it is known for today.  It is through each individuals’ commitment to the highest standards that we uphold that we can continuously grow and evolve to deliver the best in-office biologic therapy management solutions in the country.

Thank You Team Altus Infusion.  Together, We Will Succeed!

At Altus Infusion, we care about the wellbeing of all patients, which is why we are dedicated to helping raise awareness of the different ways we can improve our health and live longer happier lives.

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