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Altus Commitment to Excellence Award (ACE)

Altus Commitment to Excellence Award (ACE)

This past Wednesday, we held our first Altus Commitment to Excellence Award (ACE) ceremony.

The recipients of this year’s award are employees who demonstrated a strong commitment to their jobs and the company for the 2019 year.

The ACE award is a way for us to recognize the extraordinary work of our employees and the valuable contributions they make to ensure the growth and success of our company.

At Altus Infusion, we know we are only as good as the individuals who work with us, and their effort, commitment, and passion does not go unnoticed.

ACE Recipient Selection Process

The selection process to determine the ACE award was not an easy one, as each member of our staff had a unique set of skills.

To help narrow the selection pool, only those employees who had been named Employee of the Month during the 2019 year were eligible for the ACE award.

While each of the nominees are a great asset to the company, this year’s honorees showed extraordinary traits that made them stand out.

These are some of the characteristics considered when selecting the ACE recipients:

  • Respect: How the employee interacts with peers, clients, and providers. Their attitude towards work
  • Alignment: Their approach to tasks is in alignment with company goals
  • Credibility and Integrity: Employee is truthful and impartial in the execution of their work. They assume responsibility and are always available to help fellow employees
  • Continuous Improvement: Willingness to learn and improve. Continuously strive to exceed expectations and encourage other employees to do the same
  • Patient-Focused: Patient interaction is at the center of what we do as a company. These individuals have shown extraordinary empathy towards improving the lives of patients.

Congratulations to This Year’s ACE Recipients

Ned Pucek

Ned joined our family in November of 2017 as an Account Manager. His deep commitment to going the extra mile for clients, providers, and patients has made him stand out.

Ned’s commitment to helping others is a perfect match for our company’s mission. The hard work and dedication showed by Ned since his first day of work have propelled his career forward.

When he earned his Employee of the Month recognition, he was an account manager. Since then, he’s received a promotion and is currently an Account Executive.

Jennifer Terral

Jennifer has been a part of the team for three years now. A straight shooter with a heart of gold and extraordinary organizational skills, Jennifer has a unique talent as a caregiver and teacher.

Her hard work and dedication earned her Employee of the Month last October. To those of us who work closely with her, this came as no surprise.

In October, she held the position of a Travel Clinician, where she helped doctors, their staff, and our nurses get organized and elevate the standard of care for biologic infusion patients.

Today, Jenn continues to excel in our benefits department.

Rebecca Sanchez

Rebecca joined the company in 2012, and her journey so far has been nothing short of inspiring. She is living proof that commitment and a strong work ethic pays off.

Rebecca’s journey through the different departments of Altus Infusion provides her with a unique point of view, which has shaped her to become an integral part of our organization.

She started as an Executive Assistant to the President & Executive Vice President. Her excellent organizational skills and innovative thinking led to her joining our sales development team as a project manager.

Most recently, as a result of her having extraordinary people skills and her commitment to helping her coworkers grow and improve, she was promoted to HR Generalist.

Rebecca is an excellent example of the growth opportunities within our company, and we should all strive to emulate her.

At Altus Infusion, we believe talent, hard work, and values need to be recognized and rewarded. This belief is what prompted us to create the Altus Commitment to Excellence (ACE) award.

We are excited and look forward to recognizing more of the talented employees that make up our great work family.

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