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“We had some financial challenges with our infusion practice before we partnered with Altus Infusion. However, since our partnership, we have turned things around financially. Without them, our clinic would have been forced to send our patients to the hospital for their infusion needs. Now, we can continue to care for our own patients in the setting they desire.”

Mark Galliart, CEO, McBride Orthopedic Hospital

“Even though I have MS, I look forward to having my infusion. These nurses provide professional care in a professional and caring manner. They make us feel so comfortable and knowledgeable about the process and the drug. ”

Sallie Lou Harrison, Patient, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

“ Altus Infusion is professional in every sense. The staff is always responsive to any client needs and follows up promptly. The clinical staff is well trained, courteous, dependable, and efficient. Having Altus Infusion associated with our practice has allowed us to continue delivering quality patient care without the worries of daily operations of an infusion suite.”

Karen Koehler, Practice Manager, Denton Rheumatology

“ Our practice has been working with Altus Infusion for about 2 years. They have been a strong component in growing our infusion center. Our infusion was doing well but Altus allowed for our growth. Their team worked and continues to work diligently with our team to ensure a well-oiled machine. I would recommend Altus Infusion to any practice.”

Helen Hinkle, Office Administrator RHEUMATOLOGY ASSOCIATES of SOUTH TEXAS, San Antonio, TX

“Altus Infusion and my nurse, Danyell have been a lifesaver for me. The care they provide allows me to have quality of life and an ability to manage my disease. Danyell is always caring and willing to accommodate my schedule, she is awesome. I am so appreciative of Altus Infusion’s co-ordination of my care, which makes my treatment financially possible. Thanks to each of you!”

Carolyn White, Patient, Rheumatology Associates of North Texas

“I have always felt very comfortable with my services. I feel as if the nurses are very informative. They always care about my concerns. ”

Calli Hart, Patient, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation